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Our standard delivery time is 14-28 days after receipt of order. Upon request we will transport your goods more cheaply by sea freight prolonging the delivery time by additional 4 weeks.

Our factories are all situated in the well-developed southern region of China and are subject to ongoing checks by our Chinese employees to ensure compliance with legal standards.

Specifically these are:

-No child labour
-Compliance with the required minimum wage
-Compliance to work safety rules
-Observance of state holidays

In addition, we ensure that the social standards throughout our company are adhered to, including:

-Free choice of workplace
-Availability of medicinal care
-Suitable accommodation
-Suitable catering
-No work on Sundays

All our products are manufactured with utmost care from excellent raw materials and are designed for long-lasting use. We vouch for the quality of our products within legal warranty regulations. Should you however, have cause for complaint, please contact us and we will look into the matter at once.

We offer different kinds of standard packaging. The sleevez can of course also be delivered with any other kind of desired packaging, which we can offer to you upon request.

The minimum quantity for the production of individual sleevez has been optimised by us according to commercial criteria and amounts to 250 items. Lower quantities are possible in theory, but as the price per item will increase considerably, this is not recommendable.

The manufacturing process takes place in several steps. After receiving your layout/logo and design criteria, we supply you with a suggestion as to the optimum production process and a non-binding price offer. Once the costs have been agreed upon you will receive a detailed layout for discussion and approval. After receiving your OK on the detailed layout, we prepare the tools necessary for manufacture and produce a sample for final approval. As soon as the sample, either as an original or in picture form, has been approved, manufacture and delivery of the required quantity can take place.

Production costs per item vary depending on order quantity. We recommend requesting prices for several different quantities in order to get a better impression of the unit price development.
Design, layout and sample production: These one-off pre-production costs vary depending on the composition of the product, and are liable once only when a new sample is manufactured. Follow-up orders do not incur these costs.
Packaging costs vary depending on the type of packaging desired.

We will be pleased to provide you with generic quality samples at postage costs.
Manufacturing an individual sample incurs pre-production fees described in Costs.

We rely on your understanding that we are only able to send one or two samples per request, whereby these will of course be suited to your query.



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